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The Vapeware Advantage

The Vapeware Advantage is our loyalty program, which rewards you when you shop with us and contribute to the website. 

With Vapeware, you can both save money and earn in store credits when purchasing e-liquid or vape gear!

Loyalty Points

Earning rate:

When you purchase something on, each Euro you spend earns you 1 point.

So for example, you if buy a an item that costs 20€, you would then earn 20 points.

One little caveat, just to be fully transparent with you, is that you only start earning points when you spend 20€ or more. 🙂

Redemption rate:

When you redeem your points, 20 points are worth 1 Euro.

Getting back top the previous example, with your 20€ purchase, you earned 20points which are worth 1€ of discount on your next purchase. 


  • Shipping Fees don’t earn you any points.
  • When you spend your points on a purchase, you do not earn point s on this specific purchase.

Wait, there's more!

Buying something is not the only way to earn points!

  • Your First Order: Earn an extra 50 points. Welcome!
  • Reviews: Leave a product review and earn a whooping 20 points! That’s right, we literally value your feedback! 
  • Spend over 100€ in a single order: Earn a cool extra 50 points! Thank you!
  • Special Promotions: We may occasionally run “specials” when the number of points earned is multiplied. Looking forward to it yet?

Multi-Buy Deals

Quantity based discounts

In an effort to make vaping a little bit more affordable, when you purchase 10ml 50/50 e-liquids, you can avail of a quantity-based discount. 

This deal is currently available on 10ml 50/50 e-liquids exclusively. 

Combine 3 or more of any 10ml 50/50 within the same brand, to get this discount.

Have a look at the example below. 

I’d like to say every little helps, but it’s actually a pretty nice discount!

We’re looking at extending that system to other items, so keep an eye here in the future. 

Refer a friend

Shopping is better with friends!

Occasionally we will open-up our friend referral program, the specific of which will be advertised on the website. 

The principle is simple: you refer a friend to us using our website, and by doing so, you both earn a discount/coupon/bonus when your friend makes a purchase from us. 

Keep an eye on our home page to known when the program is active. 



Who stays in the loop gets the scoop!

We know, your mailbox is probably full, but who wants to miss out on a scoop or even worse on a coupon or two??

Through our newsletter you can get “time exclusive” coupons and deals as well as completely exclusive offers. 

“Time exclusive” offers or coupons are offered to our newsletter subscribers first, and then to the website at large a few days later. 

It’s really worth it to subscribe if you’re a bit of a deal hunter! Additionally we promise not to email you too often.


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