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Halo - Fusion Ice Nicotine shot


Brief Description

Halo – Fusion Ice Nicotine shot: Nicotine shots, also sometimes called nicotine boosters are a simple and inexpensive way to transform your nicotine-free e-liquids (shortfills) into nicotine containing e-liquid.

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In stock

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Product Description:

Halo – Fusion Ice Nicotine shot: This 20mg nicotine shot is a traditional freebase nicotine shot that is designed to be added to your favourite vape juice to increase the nicotine content. The Halo Fusion Ice Nicotine Shot has a hint of mint to add the icy touch you’re looking for.
On top of the nicotine Boost, this Icy shot will add a blast of cold to your vape juice.

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Halo Fusion Ice NicotineShot
Halo – Fusion Ice Nicotine shot