OFRF – Pack of 10 NexMesh SS316 (0.15Ω)


OFRF NexMesh SS316 (0,15Ω) mesh coils, brought to you by Vapeware Ireland

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OFRF NexMesh SS316 (0,15Ω) mesh coils, brought to you by Vapeware Ireland.

This is a pack of 10 OFRF NexMesh SS316 (0.15Ω) mesh coils.
The NexMesh SS316 measures 16mm by 6.8mm and has a resistance of of 0.15Ω and is rated for a power usage of 50-80Watts.

Evolve your flavor experience. Explore the next generation of mesh coil design with nexMESH triple density grid mesh.
Uniform mesh weave with 3x more holes delivers rapid power transfer for lightening fast heating with less spit back.

Mesh wire heats-up very quickly, and has a wide contact area with the wick, which results in a warm and flavourful vapor production.
However, incorrectly used, these coils can result in extremely unpleasant, and likely unhealthy, dry hits. As such, this product is recommended only to the most experienced of vapers, with significant experience in rebuilding coils. Well used, these mesh coils produce a fantastic vape.

Important information about DIY coils:
These products are intended for vapers with a good understanding of Ohm’s law, and battery safety. If used incorrectly, these coils could lead to electrical incidents, burns, and in the worse case scenario to battery explosion, particularly when used in conjonction with an unregulated mechanical mod.

The rated resistance of premade coils is for a single coil. In a dual coils configuration, the resistance is halved. Never mix two different kinds of coils in the same build.
If you have questions, we’re here to help!

Don’t forget to add cotton or wick to your order!